An irresistible feed for wild birds

EnterraGrubs™ are whole, dried Black Soldier Fly larvae that are full of good nutrients. As a sustainable food source, it’s good for the planet. And since birds can’t get enough of EnterraGrubs™, this feed is good for bird lovers too.

We spoke to Bird Watcher’s Digest about the benefits of Black Soldier Fly larvae on a recent episode of their BirdSense podcast.



A nutritionally superior food source for birds

Calcium is critically important to keeping a bird’s bones strong and the shells of their eggs thick. Black Soldier Fly grubs, in addition to being high in protein, also have 50x more calcium than mealworms.

The grubs also have a better ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Phosphorus is important to the efficient absorption of calcium.

How it’s made

At Enterra, we raise millions of Black Soldier Flies in just under four acres of space by using vertical farming techniques. It requires limited land and water resources.

We feed the grubs a government-approved, 100% plant-based diet. For every tonne of grubs we raise, we divert 16.4 tonnes of pre-consumer food waste from the landfill.

It takes 15 days to raise Black Soldier Flies from eggs to grubs. Once dried and heat treated, they’re ready for your bird feeder.