Harnessing the power of insects to feed and care for the world™

As the demand for sustainably produced animal feed and pet/human food increases, insects will play a key role in providing quality nutrients while minimizing environmental impact.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations agrees

Naturally nutritious

Animals regularly seek out insects as food. Free-range chickens will forage in the grass for bugs. Fishing enthusiasts use worm bait off the end of their rods to catch fish. Birds, cats and a wide variety of animals enjoy insects as part of their natural diet.

Enterra’s products are made from Black Soldier Fly larvae, a beneficial insect known for its rich nutritional profile. These insects are high in protein, calcium and lauric acid, making them nature’s preferred ingredients.

Sustainably produced

Over 30% of food is wasted, mostly sent to landfills creating toxic greenhouse gases that are harmful to our environment. Black Soldier Fly larvae provide a valuable solution to this global problem, as they naturally upcycle nutrients from organic matter. At Enterra, we use traceable, recycled food including fruits, vegetables and grains to feed our insects. This environmentally responsible approach reduces the volume in landfills while delivering high-quality nutrients for animal feed and pet food. Nothing wasted, everything gained.

Better for the planet

Enterra’s proprietary technology incorporates vertical farming techniques to maximize the amount of nutrients produced per area. No arable land is required, leaving more farm acreage to grow more food for people. Likewise, no added water is required as all the water the insects need comes from the recycled fruits and vegetables in their diet. Black Soldier Fly larvae are a highly efficient, low-impact source of nutrients compared to resource-intensive alternatives like beef, pork, chicken, fishmeal, soymeal, coconut oil and palm kernel oil.