Fat that’s fit for treats and highly palatable

EnterraOil™ is a healthy fat ingredient made entirely from Black Soldier Fly larvae. Because of its unique unsaturated vs. saturated fat ratio, it maintains the consistency of butter and needs to be heated for use as an ingredient. It’s best served as an energy source, either mixed right into pet food or animal feed or used as a tasty coating (like a post-extrusion spray) applied for enhanced palatability.

EnterraOil™ Nutritional Information

Typical Analysis:

Saturated Fatty Acids (%): 63
Monounsaturated (%): 19
Polyunsaturated (%): 15
Omega-3 (%): 1.6
Omega-6 (%): 13.2
Omega-9 (%): 16.4
Trans Fatty Acids (%): <0.1%


Download the EnterraOil™ Nutritional Information Sheet.

Why feed with EnterraOil™?

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EnterraOil™ is an emerging pet food and animal feed ingredient because of its unique fatty acid profile and resultant antimicrobial properties from its significant amount of lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid.

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EnterraOil™ has a drastically lower impact on the environment than animal-based ingredients due to its renewable insect ingredients. Our Black Soldier Flies are fed a 100% plant-based diet, and need very little land or water—making it one of the most sustainable sources of protein in the world.


Did you know that insects are a natural component in the diets of many wild animals? Even wild cats and wolves turn to insects when larger prey become scarce. In the wild, these animals will include an average of 10-15% insects in their diets. With 40% oil in each larvae, this means a good inclusion rate to start with in pet food is 4-6%.


EnterraOil™ also has functional benefits related to the health aspects of animals. Over 40% of the fatty acids are medium-chain fatty acids (lauric and caprylic acid), which have proven antimicrobial characteristics.

How It's Made

EnterraOil™ is sustainably grown and processed in our large commercial scale facility. Each Black Soldier Fly is raised from egg to grub, harvested and quality inspected.

Here’s how we take the BSF from production to feed ingredient:



We develop a nutritional slurry made up of pre-consumer food waste (fruits, vegetables and grains). Once processed, the slurry gets stored in large tanks that are monitored for nutrition and safety.


Our feedstock is fed into the trays that larvae are grown in. We feed larvae at a set schedule to maximize growth and animal welfare, including maintaining an optimal temperature and moisture.

Separate Organic

The insect frass is separated from the larvae and processed as an organic fertilizer that helps with plant nutrition, EnterraFrassTM.

Process Larvae to
Optimal Moisture

We harvest the larvae, swiftly processing and heat-treating them to ensure optimal moisture content is reached.

Process Our Products

A portion of the larvae is pressed to create EnterraOilTM.

Perform Final
Quality Tests

The finished products are put through a final quality check for pathogens and nutritional content at our warehouse. Then, we send samples to a third-party lab to ensure we’re meeting all food safety standards and regulations.

Package Products
for Sale

Our quality ingredients are packaged and made available for customers.

Some of the Larvae
Matures and Breeds

A portion of the larvae are redirected to the breeding area where they develop into prepupae, then flies. The flies mate and lay eggs.

Hatch and

The eggs get collected and transported to the hatchery, where they grow into larvae and a new cycle begins.

Quality Assurance

To ensure EnterraOil™ adheres to the high quality and safety standards listed in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFOC) regimes, production facilities are regularly checked for heavy metals, mycotoxins, PCBs, dioxins, E. coli, Salmonella and total microbial load.


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