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There’s a new ingredient that’s creating a lot of buzz in the pet food industry: protein made from Black Soldier Fly grubs. It’s a nutritious and sustainable ingredient that’s ready to ship to your R&D and production teams.

Black Soldier Fly protein can help you stand out with pet parents:



The protein powder is highly digestible. It’s made from dried grubs and is rich in prebiotics, essential amino acids and digestible lipids. The oil is a good source of medium-chain triglycerides and lauric acid.



Compared to animals, Black Soldier Flies require very few resources to grow. It makes them one of the most sustainable sources of protein in the world today.



Insects are a natural component of the diets of many wild animals. Black Soldier Fly protein powder and oil is made from whole, dried grubs – nothing is added or removed. As a novel ingredient, it’s also hypoallergenic.



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[Webinar] Black Soldier Fly Ingredients in Dog Food

On March 30, 2021 we talked about the future of feed: Black Soldier Flies. We teamed up with Petfood Industry and Watt Media for an hour-long webinar to discuss updates on this novel ingredient.

Watch now to learn more about the newest ingredient that will change the pet food industry.


How it’s made

At Enterra, we raise millions of Black Soldier Flies in just under four acres of space by using vertical farming techniques.

It requires limited land and water resources. We feed the grubs a government-approved, 100% plant-based diet. For every tonne of grubs we raise, we divert 16.4 tonnes of pre-consumer food waste from the landfill.

It takes 15 days to raise Black Soldier Flies from eggs to grubs. Then they are dried, heat treated and ground into a protein-rich powder or oil.

Differentiate your pet food brand with EnterraProtein™ and EnterraOil™



Scoop of EnterraProtein™


Crude Protein (%): ~50-54
Crude Fat (%): ~17
Carbohydrates and Fibre (%): ~8
Ash (%): <10
Moisture (%): ~3
Energy: 400-450 Cal/100g

Proximate values


Jar of EnterraOil™


Saturated Fatty Acids (%): ~60
Monounsaturated (%): ~21
Polyunsaturated (%): ~19
Omega-3 (%): ~2.6
Omega-6 (%): ~16
Omega-9 (%): ~20
Trans Fatty Acids (%): <0.1%

Proximate values

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The science behind EnterraProtein™




EnterraProtein has shown a digestibility rate of 85.4% in adult dogs.
EnterraOil has a rate of 93.7%.

462 mg



Every gram of EnterraProtein™ contains 462 mg of essential amino acids –
more than soy, rice or grains. Download the amino acid comparison chart.




EnterraProtein™ is fully traceable. Our operation is built on industry-leading standards and proprietary technology to deliver the highest quality every time.

Regulatory Status

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has completed its utility and safety review for the use of Black Soldier Fly meal in adult dog food.

The Ingredients Definition Committee of The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has voted to propose to the Board of Directors a new tentative ingredient that includes the use of whole dried black soldier fly larvae and black soldier fly larvae meal in adult dog food. This proposal will now go to the AAFCO Board of Directors in April 2021 before being passed for AAFCO Membership in August 2021.

We are currently working on regulatory approval for cats.



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