Sustainability approved. Taste approved. Health approved. And now: AAFCO approved.

Blogs • August 6, 2021

If you’ve been waiting in the wings for Black Soldier Fly (BSF) ingredients to be approved for sale in adult dog food and treats, the wait is over.

The American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) just made it official August 2nd, meaning pet food manufacturers who’ve been working on research and development with the ingredient can launch to the U.S. market immediately. For those looking to add a larger sustainability profile to their brand, in response to growing consumer demand for sustainable ingredients (especially from the next generation of pet owners), contacting us to order samples of the product is a great way to start working with the ingredient.

AAFCO ensures ingredients provide proper nutrition for pets before giving their approval for use in the U.S. pet food market, and numerous studies have proven the nutrition, palatability and functionality related benefits of Black Soldier Fly as a pet food ingredient – in addition to its wildly sustainable production.


Sustainability approved

Our Black Soldier Flies are raised using a vertical farming technique in just under four acres of space. Fed a 100% government-approved, plant-based diet, our grubs get their fill on nutritional pre-consumer food waste like fruits, vegetables and grains.

The healthy diet helps divert 16.4 tonnes of food waste from the landfill per tonne of grubs we raise, and we also spare the earth with significantly less water use and greenhouse gases than traditional feed production, answering your customers’ calls for sustainable ingredients.


Taste approved

While we’ve proven the nutritional and functional benefits of Black Soldier Fly ingredients in pet food, we also had to make sure it would be accepted by the pets. We already know domestic dogs seek insects in their diet at up to 10 to 15 per cent inclusion (depending on availability), however, our BSF-based protein meal needed to be tested for its palatability.

The result? Dogs can’t get enough. When 10 beagles were offered two bowls of food – one with a plant protein-based ingredient and one with the same diet featuring 20% inclusion of EnterraProtein™, there was no contest. On average, the dogs consumed more than double the number of grams of the food with the BSF-based ingredients. For more details on the results of the study, visit here.


Health approved

With the dogs’ vote of confidence, we needed the scientific basis for our ingredients’ inclusion in dogs’ diets. This is the data which most influences the AAFCO approval – namely digestibility and maintenance trials.

In a 26-week maintenance trial, dogs were fed a BSF-based diet and monitored weekly for any changes to their weight, while blood was monitored for changes in any health-related metrics to ensure no negative effects were taking place. Our mid-way results showed no concerns when feeding dogs BSF ingredients in these trials, and soon, Enterra will be providing details from the recently wrapped trial. Make sure to watch for Enterra’s presentation at the Petfood Forum in September for more information or contact our sales team for a sneak peek at the results.


Other benefits

BSF has been proven to provide all the essential amino acids required by dogs, in addition to having antimicrobial benefits and potentially being an answer for pets experiencing allergic reactions to common pet food ingredients. Pet food manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for novel proteins. This allows them to offer alternate recipes which can help owners with pets experiencing skin or other ailments related to food allergens. As a novel ingredient with a lack of exposure to domesticated dogs, BSF is a great new option that is ready to take flight across North America.


For more information on the use of BSF as a pet food ingredient or to start your own R&D, please contact our sales team.