Securing the future for fish feed

Global consumer demand for aquaculture-raised fish like salmon and trout is growing. To keep up with the demand, small fish like anchovies, herring and sardines are harvested from the ocean at an alarming rate to help feed farmed fish. That’s where the need for Enterra’s sustainable – and highly nutritious – products comes in.

Aquaculture ingredients that make a difference


  • Quality: EnterraProtein™ is designed to be highly palatable, easily digestible and packed with protein. It can be used to complement soybean meal, fishmeal and fish oil or chicken meal in fish food pellets.
  • Sustainability: Our aquaculture feed is made with 100% Black Soldier Flies that are fed an approved plant-based diet that diverts pre-consumer waste from landfills.
  • Nutritious: Our EnterraProtein™ contributes fat and protein to a healthy fish diet, but it also contains medium-chain fatty acids and prebiotics which help eliminate the industry’s dependence on antibiotics, diverting them away from human consumption and helping to minimize resistance.

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EnterraGrubs™ are whole, dried Black Soldier Fly larvae that can be pre-ground with other ingredients prior to extrusion into pellets for juvenile and adult fish.  Some studies have shown higher survivability in fingerlings due to the medium-chain fatty acids and chitin found in our products.

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EnterraOil™ is a healthy fat ingredient made from Black Soldier Fly larvae that you can blend with other ingredients in your formulated fish food. A 3-5% inclusion rate (depending on the species) is recommended to balance fish’s growth, size and diet requirements, as well as to maintain the integrity of the pellet.

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Black Soldier Fly products can help you stand out in the aquaculture market:

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The protein powder is highly digestible. The dried grubs are rich in prebiotics, essential amino acids and digestible lipids. The oil is a good source of medium-chain triglycerides.

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Aquaculture markets are growing around the world, and a higher percentage of farmed fish is being sold to consumers. The result is a strain to the ocean’s resources for fishmeal and fish oil. That’s where Enterra’s insect ingredients come in. Black Soldier Flies require very few resources to grow. It makes them one of the most sustainable sources of protein in the world today.

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Insects are already a considerable part of the diet for popular fish like salmon and trout. Using EnterraProtein™, EnterraOil™ and EnterraGrubs™ in your fish feed can help restore the ocean’s ecosystem and bring greater food security to the world.

How Black Soldier Fly products benefit finned fish



Aquaculture markets are growing around the world, and there is an increasing percentage of farmed fish being sold to consumers. The result is a strain to the ocean’s resources for fishmeal and fish oil—threatening its ecosystem. Using Enterra products can reduce this strain by simply incorporating our insect-based ingredients into farm-raised fish diets.


Black Soldier Fly larvae have a very high quality, highly digestible protein, which can be fed to fish throughout its lifecycle. Its nutritional attributes suit not just omnivorous but carnivorous fish that require balanced amino acids.


Studies have shown higher survivability rates of juvenile fish who feed on Black Soldier Fly ingredients because of the antimicrobial benefits from lauric acid, the predominant fatty acid in the larvae and the chitin, which comes from the exoskeleton of the Black Soldier Fly larvae.

Regulatory Status

Enterra conducts safety and digestibility studies, such as gut microbial tests, to measure any increase or decrease in bacteria, and to ensure our products aren’t affecting the growth of the fish.

Our products are approved in the following locations for use feeding aquaculture:

  • Canada – EnterraGrubs™ and EnterraOil™ are approved for salmonids and tilapia
  • US – EnterraGrubs™ and EnterraProtein™ are approved for salmonids; EnterraOil™ is approved for other finfish species
  • European Union – EnterraProtein™ and EnterraOil™ are approved for salmonids, tilapia and other finfish species

Disclaimer: some of our products are waiting on approval in certain locations or are only approved in certain states or countries of that location. Please contact us for up-to-date regulatory approvals in your region.


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