Nutrients for animals: best served sustainably

We’re reimagining how we can feed and care for the world, one snout or beak at a time.

Pet Food Market

Our EnterraProtein™ and EnterraOil™ made from Black Soldier Fly grubs can be used as a nutritious ingredient in adult dogs’ kibble or treats. It’s one of the most sustainable sources of protein in the world today – plus, being a novel protein for dogs and cats, it may provide benefits for animals with food allergies.

Backyard Poultry Market

Feed your backyard poultry the grub they want and need: EnterraGrubs™. With a better calcium to phosphorus ratio than mealworms, EnterraGrubs™ make it easier for poultry to absorb calcium and lay strong eggs.

Wild Bird Market

Birders already know that selecting the right feed is the most important piece of attracting birds. So why not choose the feed that’s armed with 20x the calcium, keeping birds’ bones (and their eggs) stronger? Birds flock to EnterraGrubs™ – our whole, dried Black Soldier Fly larvae product – making it good for birds, birders, and the planet.

Aquaculture Market

Stop the over-harvesting of natural resources like fishmeal and fish oil from the ocean and feed aquaculture-raised fish using our sustainable Black Soldier Fly-based products. We created these products to fill this need – but also see additional benefits from the high medium-chain fatty acids and antimicrobial properties making their way into a fish’s diet.